“This is not time for illusion or evasion; it is time for transformation.” David Orr

Welcome! As David Orr says, these are times for  transformation, which is why it’s so exciting that you’re here.

You may be focused on changes within your personal life, your organization or your community – and the great thing is, they’re all connected. So, start where you are!

Are you ready to be less stuck, more engaged and alive, more compassionate and powerful, or more of something else entirely? Is your organization needing to break out of patterns, set clear and meaningful direction or simply have more effective meetings? All of this is already within you. Our work will be to uncover, bring alive and unleash your full(er) capacity.

Through it all, I commit to engaging you with an intention of deep curiosity, openness, and compassion. And, of course, passionate conversation.

I look forward connecting,