Sample Projects

Curious about what we might do together?

Through close attention to your needs, the project goals and the unique context in which you operate, we co-create the scope and approach that best serves you and your work.

However, it can be helpful to have a picture of the toolbox from which I operate. With that in mind, here’s a sample of recent projects:

  • Curriculum design and instruction for the 8-week course, “Strategic Dialogue and Engagement for Climate Adaptation” for Simon Fraser University and the Adaptation Learning Network.
  • Workshop facilitation and guest lectures on topics of climate grief and ecological anxiety for the City of Vancouver, Simon Fraser University and others.
  • Design and facilitation of a two-part online training, Finding Points of Leverage in Complexity, for the BC Public Service.
  • Partner engagement advising and process facilitation for the Marine Protected Areas Network.
  • Strategic coaching and facilitation for a coalition of environmental campaigners.
  • Strategic planning and leadership coaching for a prominent Canadian Theatre Company.
  • Curriculum design of the two-day course, “Innovation and Creativity in the Workplace,” for the British Columbia Institute of Technology.
  • Engagement coaching and process facilitation for a BC Ministry of Health Advisory Committee, using Human Systems Dynamics tools for understanding change in complex systems.
  • Change management training for UBC’s Undergraduate Admissions Office.
  • Design and facilitation for the City of Vancouver’s Solutions Lab process, integrating Theory U, design thinking and adaptive action to support a robust multi-stakeholder process.
  • Design and facilitation of a prioritization process for Island Health’s Cowichan District Hospital Redevelopment Sustainability Working Group.
  • Theory of Change coaching and advising for the BC Public Service’s Innovation Hub.
  • Team dynamics training for UBC Childcare Services, using Polarity Management and Coaching Conversations tools.