One-on-one Coaching

Personal coaching helps us to access the wealth of strength, creativity,
compassion, wisdom and courage we all hold. Drawing from these capacities we become more free to release the stuck patterns in our lives and create new and generative ways of being.


I recognize clients as the expert of your own life and I work collaboratively with you to deepen your learning about yourself, your values and your desired future. The coaching relationship serves to deepen your change process by engaging your expertise, providing greater focus, awareness of choice and clear accountabilities for the patterns you want to shift and the life you want to create.

While this method works with you as an individual, I recognize that the wider contexts of capitalism, climate crisis, patriarchy, settler colonialism, racism and other forms of oppression and systemic ‘stuckness’ also influence us. In my coaching work, I create a space in which these aspects of our experience can be recognized and worked with as needed.


I am certified through the Coaches Training Institute, a leading International Coaching Federation-accredited school. I incorporate tools and approaches from other certifications that include Human Systems Dynamics, Authentic Leadership, Deep Democracy and The Work that Reconnects.

What have others said about their coaching sessions with me?

“Working with Olive is a remarkable experience. She provides a safe and open environment that allows me to ask myself real questions and feel completely engaged and open to exploring all possible responses.”

“Entering into the coaching process with you has been an outstanding experience for me – in the true sense of the word. I both think and feel that we worked together to bring me back to myself.”

“Olive’s coaching session with me was incredibly helpful. She was professional and helped me determine what was really underlying things by asking the right questions of me at each step along the way. In the end I was able trust those knowing places in me I had abandoned some years ago.

“I feel more whole after the coaching session. I got to places I wouldn’t have gotten to on my own, even though I’ve thought about this issue a lot.”

“Olive is skilled, transparent, wise, loving, authentic and compassionate. Having her support on such a regular basis is a blessing.”


Schedule a sample session to help you discern if coaching is a fit for you at this time.

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